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3 March 2008
The next-to-last realm of the Deeper Dungeons, Level 14: Dixaroc, is now meticulously detailed on the Deeper Dungeons Strategies Page. But one realm yet remains...

26 February 2008
The incredibly frustrating Deeper Dungeons Level 13, Daka-Gorn, is now fully strategized upon the Deeper Dungeons Strategies Page. Only two more realms to go!

22 February 2008
My guide to the easier Deeper Dungeons Level 12, Benetzaron, has been added to the Deeper Dungeons Strategies Page.

18 February 2008
A guide to the very difficult Deeper Dungeons Level 11, Batezek, has been added to the Deeper Dungeons Strategies Page. Also, a new secret page has been added. See if you can find it, for within is held a little-known legend - a tale soon to be told in a new campaign!

17 February 2008
The Deeper Dungeons Strategies Page now holds a guide to the intriguing Level 10, Netzcaro.

10 February 2008
For once I am proud to say that the strategy guide for a quite difficult realm, Deeper Dungeons Level 9: Kanasko, has been uploaded to the Deeper Dungeons Strategies Page.

7 February 2008
The really easy Deeper Dungeons Level 8: Svatona now has a strategy guide available on the Deeper Dungeons Strategies Page.

6 February 2008
Deeper Dungeons Level 7: Abbadon is now painstakingly detailed in a new strategy guide. Find it on the Deeper Dungeons Strategies Page along with all the rest.

29 January 2008
As part of the continuing effort to improve DK Millennium, all of the information pages on Creatures, Spells, Workshop Items, Dungeon Specials, Rooms, Skills, and Dungeon Tiles have been updated with more data, new information, and massive corrections. The full moon date calculator has also been restored to full functionality in Firefox. Expect even more to come in the new future.

27 January 2008
The strategy guide for the disappointing Deeper Dungeons Level 6: Pladitz is now available at the Deeper Dungeons Strategies page.

25 January 2008
The strategy guide for Deeper Dungeons Level 5: Caddis Fell is hot and fresh from the dungeon. Find it at the Deeper Dungeons Strategies page.

22 January 2008
You can now find the strategy guide for Deeper Dungeons Level 4: Belbata on the Deeper Dungeons Strategies page. This post is dedicated to the memory of my friend Jason Masihdas, whom I introduced to Dungeon Keeper a couple of months before his death. RIP my friend.

18 June 2007
The first subsection of the "Files" part of the site has finally been added, the Maps page. Included are maps of all the original campaign and Deeper Dungeons single-player levels.

8 June 2007
I am proud to announce the addition of a new series of Deeper Dungeons strategy guides written by myself. You can find a link to them on the revamped Features pane, on the Site Map, or right here! Only the first three maps are currently finished, but more will swiftly follow.

3 June 2007
DK Millennium now has official IRC channels! Join #dungeon-keeper on irc.oftc.net for English chat, or #dungeon-keeper-fr for French chat (for my pals from dungeon-keeper.net, who I hope will join in). General discussion about anything will be the rule, but expect some Dungeon Keeper talk too.

2 June 2007
Due to unrelenting problems with the despayre.org server, I've been forced to move the page here to the "You Fail It" network, run by my pal Bloodshedder. Special thanks to him for providing the new, speedy hosting. You can continue to use the dk.despayre.org URL for the time being, and it will redirect you here, but please help out the site by spreading the new link everywhere you can:
Otherwise, links to the site may begin to disappear, and I'd hate to see that happen :P

9 May 2007
Wow! Bet you thought this page would never be updated again, huh? I found an external link to this page from dungeon-keeper.net and I figured that not only should I give them a shout-out for complementing my page (I understand enough French to read most of their comment about it), but that I should go ahead and update the page by including the final four of Jonathan Ellis's campaign strategy guides! That's right, you'll find levels 17 through 20 there now. BTW, I know the Full Moon date calculator is broken in FireFox. I'll try to fix it eventually :)

10 June 2004
Your chance to find the "secret" page, which wasn't hidden very well anyways, is now over :P You can find a link to it on the "+" button on the Keeper-style menu, which is where it was hidden, and also on the site map, where it has now been added. But, today also brings a new feature to the site, a full moon date calculator! No more guessing when that secret level banner will show up next time! Check it out here!

7 June 2004
Today brings a "secret" page to the site. I'll reveal its location and add it to the site map soon, but for now I'll let you guys sweat it out trying to find it, in the true Dungeon Keeper spirit. If you can find it, you'll be rewarded by the collection of vintage DK promo art that is within!

6 June 2004
As I predicted, I have now completed converting and uploading all of the 16 original campaign strategy guides which I currently have. As of yet, I have not heard back from Jonathan Ellis on whether or not he wants to finish up the last four. If he cannot, I might take a crack at them myself, but I think he was a better player than I am currently...

5 June 2004
Yet more strategy guides are now up for levels 10 through 12. The next update should bring the remaining four that are currently complete. I am also thinking about other things to add to the site, including information about my custom campaign, Desolate Realms, which I may go ahead and finish after all.

4 June 2004
Three more original strategy guides are now available for DK original campaign levels 7 through 9. Like I said, keep an eye out. I expect to add 2 or 3 a night until the first 16 are all finished. I am currently awaiting word from Jonathan on whether or not he can finish the last four main maps.

3 June 2004
Well, this site was well overdue for an update, I think! This update brings two more of Jonathan Ellis's original campaign strategy guides for levels 5 and 6. I currently have levels 1 through 16 in my possession, but have not prepared all of them for upload yet. Keep an eye out, since the rest should follow soon.

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