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Dungeon Keeper Millennium was designed and is maintained by James "Quasar" Haley, who is also moderator of the DOOM editing group, Team Eternity.

Quasar may be contacted at haleyjd@hotmail.com, but a reply is not guaranteed as he is a very busy person :)

This site was constructed with the help of Jon^D (http://jon.alkali.org) and FBW[CC] (http://www.CosmicChaos.com), two expert keepers who have contributed strategy, verified information, and aided in web design. Without them, it wouldn't exist.

Dungeon Keeper and all related materials are property of Bullfrog and EA Interactive; all trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

This site has not been engineered with the intent to cause any non-virtual stealing, killing, or destroying. Keep it in the game.

No trolls were harmed during the production of this site.

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