Gold Vein

Gold is your primary source of income in the underworld, and you'll often find it severely limited and at the center of many conflicts. After digging a tunnel to a gold vein, tag the gold with the Hand of Evil to have your Imps dig it out. Remember that digging gold is the highest priority for Imps, so if you need other things done, such as the all-important fortification of your dungeon, untag a few blocks for a while.

Each gold block will render around 1024 gold before it collapses.


Earth usually makes up the greater part of the terrain of any realm, and it is here in the soft earth that you are confined to building the more interesting parts of your dungeon such as rooms. As with gold, you can tag soft earth with the Hand of Evil and your Imps will dig it out. Always strive to make straight hallways and square rooms when possible, because once you've dug out earth, it cannot be refilled (not even by the Cave-In spell, contrary to the game manual). Also, don't get excited and start digging around the whole map early on, or you're bound to run into trouble!

 Impenetrable Rock

Impenetrable Rock is so hard that you have no means, not even magical, to break through it (it would be a bad idea anyways, since this rock supports the caves your dungeons must exist inside). Impenetrable Rock may block easy access to some places, but it may also create choke points and barriers that benefit your defense. Note its location early on and work with it. You can always see all rock in the realm at the beginning of a conquest.

Remember that although it may protect your dungeon, having Impenetrable Rock around your rooms does not add to their efficiency.

 Unclaimed Dirt Floor

Unclaimed dirt path is typically found in natural caves. When your Imps claim someone else's territory, it temporarily turns into this before taking on floor tile with your coat. You can drop your Imps onto unclaimed dirt path. You can also pick up certain objects such as gold pots or piles that are on it, even though you don't own it. Keep this fact in mind and don't let other Keepers get to the spoils first!

 Claimed Floor

Claimed path may either bear the coat of its owner, or it may be neutral. Claimed path constitutes your dungeon territory, and you can only build rooms upon it. In order to claim a tile or build a bridge over water or lava, a claimed tile of yours must touch the target tile on at least one side (not by a corner).

You can only drop your minions on your own territory, excepting the ability to drop Imps on dirt path and neutral floor tiles. Certain spells also have different effects or may only work within your own domain. Like dirt path, you can pick up some objects such as gold if they rest on neutral floor tiles.

 Fortified Wall

Fortified wall is earth that has been turned to stone by your Imps' magic. Like claimed path tiles, fortified walls will either be neutral or will bear banners in the colors of their owners. Your own Imps can destroy your own fortified walls in order to dig out into new areas, but you cannot destroy others' walls in this manner, nor can they destroy yours. In order to clear fortified walls, it is ordinarily necessary to own all claimed tiles on every side of them.

The Destroy Walls Keeper spell is capable of breaking down fortified walls instantly.

Note that some creatures destroy walls (and sometimes rooms) when they become angry. If you've had any rioting in your dungeon, be sure to have your imps quickly repair any damage. Also, use this to your advantage when possible by claiming enemy treasure rooms and selling them off. If the enemy cannot rebuild, his minions will become angry and may destroy their own dungeon for you.


Lava, searing hot and volatile, makes for treacherous terrain. Demon Spawn, Dragons, and Horned Reapers are able to walk through lava, but for the rest of your creatures, the only means of passage is a bridge or the Flight spell. If they step into it or are knocked into it, they will take significant damage. Avoid connecting with lava unless you are sure that it does not pose a major security risk, and when you do, always build guard posts along the areas that it touches your territory. This can keep walking creatures out if they have no bridge to cross over.

If you can attract enemy minions or Imps onto your bridges over lava, quickly sell off the portions that connect and you've imprisoned them until the keeper notices. This is primarily effective against computer opponents.


Water, although safe for your minions to pass through, poses the same security risks as lava. It should be avoided when possible and blockaded with guard posts when not. Note that creatures move in water at half-speed, so it is still a good idea to build good bridges across water when necessary, especially if your Imps need to mine gold or gems that are adjacent to it.

 Gem Vein

Gems are invaluable and are worth moving quickly to claim whenever you find them. Working similar to gold, your Imps will dig at gems when you tag them. However, gems will never collapse, providing your dungeon with a source of infinite wealth.

On the downside, it takes significantly longer for your Imps to extract the same amount of money from gems, so do not mine them to the exclusion of gold. Always dig out all the gold you can reach first, and then use your gem tile for the rest of the conquest. Make sure your treasure room is near by, and either use the Speed spell on your Imps, or train a few of them to level 3 or higher so that they can use it themselves.

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