Reveal Map

This special reveals the entire realm to your eyes, allowing you to see the lay of the land and all of your enemies' secrets. This also, of course, allows you to cast spells like Lightning and Cave-In over their territory. You can also drop your Imps into any neutral territory, and claim items upon it such as gold pots for your own. They do say knowledge is power, after all...

 Resurrect Creature

This special allows you to resurrect one creature who has departed your dungeon. Save it for after large battles so that you can bring back your elite who have fallen. The resurrection list may also contain a few other creatures, such as those you've thrown out the portal with the Hand of Evil, and creatures who morphed into new forms, such as Demon Spawn and Thieves. Use this strange magic to your advantage whenever possible.

 Transfer Creature

This special allows you to bring one minion to the next realm to help you establish your presence there. The minion will appear within your Dungeon Heart at the beginning of the level, but be aware that they will need a Lair and Hatchery very quickly. Transfering some of the more testy creatures such as Vampires or Horned Reapers could put a quick end to your reign.

Having trouble getting this special to work? If you want to use it, you'll need to save your game at the end of the current level, and when you're ready to play the next, load the game, use the special, and then move on to the next level. Transferred creatures will not be saved in the "Continue Game" slot, so if you choose this option from the main menu, your creature will not appear.

 Steal Hero

This special subverts one Hero to your cause. He will immediately appear at the spot of usage. Steal Hero is one of the best specials to find when you are up against strong Hero forces, but using it requires some forethought. The magic of the Steal Hero special selects from all the heroes in the realm at random, excluding Knights and Avatars, who are immune to its magic. If there are no heroes currently alive in the realm, you will receive either an Archer or a Thief, level 1, at random. The trick to using this special is to save your game first. If something stupid like a level 3 Mountain Dwarf appears, reload. Repeat this until your favorite flavor of hero shows up.

 Multiply Creatures

Multiply Creatures is exceedingly rare, but if you should find one, it doubles your minion count by creating an exact clone of all creatures in your dungeon. Be sure to build a lot of extra Lair and Hatchery space before using this special, and be certain that you can afford to support the resulting minions.

 Increase Level

Increase Level is an invaluable special in any realm, increasing the experience of all your creatures (including Imps) 1 level, up to level 10 maximum. This can shorten the often drab training phase and saves you a lot of money in the process. This special is best employed when a majority of your creatures are level 8 or 9, as it saves you the most time and money at that point.

 Make Safe

The Make Safe special fortifies all earth walls that are adjacent to any part of your dungeon territory. This would be a useful special to have in levels where invasions are imminent.

 Locate Hidden World

Locate Hidden World only appears in a select few levels, and using it will cause a new banner to appear on the World Map after you defeat the current realm. The secret level's banner will have an circumscribed S upon it, and you will have the choice of either trying it or moving on to the next realm.